Padre Pio, Cappuchin Priest, Stigmatic

Padre Pio, Cappuchin Priest

San Giovanni Rotondo
Foggia, Italy
B. May 25, 1887 O. 1910 D. Sept 23, 1968

Mystic, Confessor, Stigmatic
For 50 years he suffered the five
wounds of the crucifixion.

A true victim with Christ.
A credible sign to our time.
A channel of grace.
His Sanctity attracted souls
and moved them toward Christ.
His Spiritual Family is open
to all -- "They will know and
I will know," he said to me."

May the Church honor him
for his sanctity and wisdom --
and officially grant us a
New Saint:

William M. Carrigan,
Witness and Friend of Padre Pio

Padre Pio believed that

"Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering"

and that is what moved him to build the CASA SOLLIEVO DELLA SOFFERENZA (House for the Relief of Suffering).

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    Some Padre Pio Pictures:

    Padre Pio Mosaic: (This mosaic, the basis from a picture taken by William M. Carrigan in 1955, now graces the library at Mt. de Sales Academy in Catonsville, MD.)

  • Padre Pio Mosaic 466X691 286K
  • Padre Pio Mosaic 620X408 462K

    CASA SOLLIEVO DELLA SOFFERENZA (House for the Relief of Suffering).

  • Casa 310 X 204 88K
  • Casa 620X408 264K

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